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Dual Powered Incubator

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The main aim of the project is to harness Solar energy to power an incubator which can hold a maximum of 1500 eggs at a time and to design an incubator at minimum cost which can automatically rotate the eggs keeping a sense of the time required for the rotation of the eggs to promote better incubation .Solar energy can be implemented to incubators to make them renewable and cost effective. Although there are certain limitations to Solar energy, the prospects of the utilisation have shown very positive results.

        To see the success rate of the designed inventories the same was distributed among a group of village people in majuli , panjan titabor. It is envisioned that such distribution will provide an livelihood income opportunity for the village people and to bring together the fragmented activities of Solar Power, Women Empowerment through electrification, so as to create a roadmap for ‘Employability & Sustainability. Dual Powered Solar Incubator will revolutionize the lives of many and render them easy livelihood with increased benefits. Primarily eyeing the growth of locality (in Majuli), the later stages shall capitalize on the development of the state and the country.

Revenue Generation from our inventory

It’s very rare we see that revenue is generated from inventories at an early stage but we were success in doing so, our local grown chickens are in market now. As a joint venture between AEDA and NERERL a part of income was shared with Director, AEDA.

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