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Bio decomposition of Stubble to create organic fertilizer

stubble burning.jpg

Burning of Stubble in the fields is a major problem in India. The national capital’s air quality has slipped back to ‘poor’ category due to change in direction of the wind, which is now flowing from stubble burning areas in Punjab and Haryana. Every year, air quality in Delhi, Haryana and Punjab plunges to ‘hazardous’ level as farmers set the leftover stubble and loose straw of on fire after paddy is harvested using combines. 

So we are working on a optimal solution so that stubble may be used as fertiliser. This will impact hugely on reducing the air pollution in different parts of the country. In an age when all the fossil fuels are going extinct, we are working our best to find an alternative source of energy by exploring every possibility of biofuel. 

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