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A leading solar energy research institute in the world, contributing to global sustainable development.


To initiate all activities in the field of Non-conventional Energy Sources like Solar, Wind, Biomass, Microhydel and Municipal Solid Waste etc. and thereby tap the potential to generate energy for various uses either industrial or domestic and specially for the rural, hilly and border areas not connected with the conventional grid. We have zeal to develop and commercialise solar technologies suited for urban and tropical applications, and support industry development and the energy transformation towards higher solar adoption.


Renewable Energy sources and technologies have potential to provide solutions to the long standing energy problems being faced by India as well as Assam. The renewable energy sources like wind energy, solar energy, geothermal energy, biomass energy, small and mini hydro as well as fuel cell technology can be used to overcome energy shortage in India. To meet the energy requirement for such a fast growing economy, India in next 10 to 15 years will require an assured supply of 3-4 times more energy than the total energy consumed today. Renewable Energy is one of the options to meet this requirement.

   In India, for the last two and half decades there has been a vigorous pursuit of activities relating to research, development, demonstration, production and application of a variety of renewable energy technologies for use in different sectors . It is felt that there should also be given emphasis in R&D sector where local weather condition and availability of local resources are to be primarily considered. The state needs to take a major role to fill this gap and promote research in renewable energy with emphasis on locally suited renewable energy technologies. As such NERERL in association with AEDA will focus on development of village area through R&D in the field of energy

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