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Sun Powered Solution for Fresh Potable Water

A survey was done by collecting water samples from different community villages around Jorhat and Titabor. The TDS level of the water in Jorhat is acutely low ranging around 70 t0 80 ppm, which can be a health derogative for the people not attaining required minerals through their food. The low mineral content of the water is normally replenished by food, if we have a proper diet. But for economically weaker section of the society, this is not attainable, so they rely on the free minerals they should get from water about 130 to 250 ppm in normal drinking water. This is a serious concern for people drinking this water for a long period of time. The use of normal R/O s (like aqua guard, pureit, etc.) makes the situation worse and reduces the TDS even more. A research is ongoing to remove the harmful ions present in water through added minerals and 6 chamber filtration process.

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