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INSORE 2023 Croatia Chapter has been successfully organized

Delegate Affairs Team, INSORE

10 Mar 2023

In February 2023, INSORE Croatia Chapter was organized by the University of Zagreb Faculty of Agriculture, Croatia, and North East Renewable Energy Research Lab, India.

This collaborative event aimed to address the pressing need for climate-friendly innovations, technologies, and agronomical practices in the agricultural sector. By bringing together experts and stakeholders, the conference aimed to foster discussions and explore potential solutions for sustainable agriculture in Croatia.

Key Highlights:

  • Keynote Presentations: Eminent researchers and thought leaders delivered keynote presentations on topics such as precision agriculture, agroecology, renewable energy integration in agriculture, and sustainable land management practices. These presentations provided valuable insights into the potential of these approaches to transform the agricultural sector.

  • Panel Discussions: Interactive panel discussions were organized to facilitate in-depth conversations on critical issues related to climate-friendly agriculture. Experts and practitioners shared their perspectives, challenges, and success stories, fostering knowledge exchange and inspiring new ideas.

  • Case Studies and Best Practices: Researchers and practitioners presented case studies and best practices from Croatia and other countries, showcasing successful examples of climate-friendly innovations and technologies. These real-world examples provided practical insights into the implementation and scalability of sustainable agricultural practices.

  • Networking Opportunities: The conference provided ample networking opportunities for participants to connect with peers, exchange ideas, and establish potential collaborations. These interactions facilitated the dissemination of knowledge and the formation of partnerships for future research and implementation projects.

By bringing together stakeholders from academia, industry, and government, the conference fostered knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the identification of practical solutions. The event played a vital role in raising awareness about the importance of sustainable agricultural practices and catalyzing action towards a more climate-resilient future for Croatian agriculture.

Download the Summit Proceedings here.

Download PDF • 15.94MB

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