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Prof. Konstantinos Tsavdaridis

Professor of Structural Engineering

Prof. KonstantinosTsavdaridisProfessor of Structural EngineeringHe started his career at City as a Lecturer in Civil/Structural Engineering in 2010. After a short break working for the Nuclear industry (Principle Structural Stress Specialist at Pell Frischmann, London), he continued his academic career at the University of Leeds (UK) as Assistant (2012) and later Associate Professor (2016) of Structural Engineering, until he returned to City again, as a Full Professor of Structural Engineering in 2021.

His vision about the design optimisation of lightweight structures has led to the publication of more than 170 papers in journals, international conferences and engineering magazines. He is an inventor and he has filed a number of GB and PCT patents on perforated steel beams and lightweight composite flooring systems. In 2019, Prof. Tsavdaridis was awarded with a Senior Fellowship of the Royal Academy of Engineering to study and develop a novel type of 3D-printed Steel Connections of Modular Building Systems that allow for flexibility in design, and re-use via dismantling capacity. For this, Prof. Tsavdaridis formed the 3DMBC group which has established collaboration with international academic and industrial partners.

Prof. Konstantinos Tsavdaridis
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